Enabling Cookies

ShiftNote requires cookies to be enabled on your smart device in order to have the best performance and functionality. By default, cookies should be turned on most mobile devices. In case you need to check or update your settings, read this guide.

Enabling Cookies For Android

  1. Open the Android browser
  2. Go to Menu (3 vertical dots in top right corner) > Settings > Privacy and security > Cookies (Check “allows sites to save and read cookie”)

    Accept Android Cookies

Enabling Cookies For Android Chrome

  1. Open the Chrome browser
  2. Go to Menu (3 vertical dots in top right corner) > Settings > Site Settings > Cookies (make sure both buttons are turned on)

    Accepting Cookies in Android

Enabling Cookies For Internet Explorer Windows Phone

  1. Open Internet Explorer
  2. Go to Menu > Settings > Check Allow Cookies on my phone


Enabling Cookies For Safari IOS (iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch)

  1. From the Home Screen go to Settings > Safari
  2. IOS 7: set Block Cookies to Never

    Enable Safari IOS Cookies

    IOS 8, 9 and 10 : set Block Cookies to Always Allow.

    Enable Cookies Safari IOS 8

Enabling Cookies For BlackBerry

  1. Open the browser
  2. Click BlackBerry button > select Settings > Privacy and Security > Accept Cookies

    Enable BlackBerry Cookies