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Aloha POS Integration

ShiftNote integrates with your Aloha POS using a small piece of software on your BOH Computer that syncs various pieces of data with your ShiftNote site daily.

Installing this piece of software will not interrupt your daily functions, nor does it require any downtime for your POS, but does require a ShiftNote technician to get a remote session on that computer to install.

Step-by-Step Instructions to Install ShiftNote Aloha POS integration

  1. Define exactly what you want to pull from your POS into ShiftNote. To ensure we are pulling the correct numbers and calculating your metrics correctly we require a 30 minute discovery call with a ShiftNote Specialist. During this online screen share meeting, we will review daily sales reports from Aloha and any other sales tracking spreadsheets you are currently using to track key performance metrics. Book your discovery call today with a ShiftNote POS Specialists by using this online calendar here: Book POS Integration Discovery Meeting
  2. Organize and confirm you have Windows Admin rights for the computer that your Aloha POS resides on. We will need you to grant remote access to our technicians, and any firewalls that would prevent remote access need to be disabled for your installation appointment. Most of the time you will have to make changes to your whitelisting and network configuration before we will be able to remote in to that computer and install our sync agent. The following should be sent to your network/firewall management provider to assist you with this process.
    • Port 443 on your POS must be open for outbound traffic. 
    • The following websites must be unblocked/whitelisted:
      • https://api.shiftnote.com (port 443 outbound)
      • TeamViewer must be installed on computer your Aloha POS resides on
        (this is for remote access to install software).
  3. Complete ShiftNote Add-on Price Increase form to accept your new ShiftNote price.
  4. Book installation appointment times with our technicians using this online calendar link. Please book one time slot for each of your locations.  Our techs will need at least 1 hour per location. When they remote into your PC they will install our POS service software.  (detail instructions

Pricing for Aloha POS integration with ShiftNote

  • $30 per month, per location
  • One time setup fee of $300 for 4 or less units. There is an additional $75 for each additional location added after your 4th. (example 5 units would cost $375 for installation)

Once you have accepted ShiftNote Add-on Price Increase form you will be invoiced for setup fees and your monthly subscription price will be adjust to include $30 per month, per location for POS integration. We provide a 60 day implementation period allowing you to make changes as much as needed to give you exactly what you want and need. After the 60 day implementation period all changes will be subject to setup fees. Typically these fees are $300 or less, but are dependent on the size and scope of the change requests.

What to expect from ShiftNote Aloha POS integration

ShiftNote syncs with your Aloha numbers and displays them on your ShiftNote daily log. We can compare actual to forecasted numbers and we can use Aloha numbers within calculations.  ShiftNote does not push numbers back to Aloha. Common numbers we pull for ShiftNote reporting are: Sales, Labor and Guest Counts. But we are not limited by these examples. We can track almost anything!

ShiftNote managers logbook aloha pos integration example